• The guesthouse of Urikivi is suitable for groups of up to six persons
  • NB! The guesthouse can be booked for periods of at least two nights.
  • Price for teo nights: 220 euros.
  • Price for five nights: 850 euros, every following night 120 euros. No value added tax will be added to the price.
  • Pets are welcome, but one should announce their coming in advance and 20 euros will be charged of extra cleaning costs.
  • In the winter period - October 15 – April 30 – the guesthouse can be booked for at least a month for the price of 1200 euros per month.

NB! Urikivi has the right to alter prices according to the demand without extra announcement.

  • Will you please ask for a special offer, if there is less than ten calendar days left until your visit or if you wish to stay for less than than five nights.
  • Please note also the offers for families.

Booking: +372 53 309 374, 
signe.leidt@gmail.com or Booking.com

  • The booking that has been made by e-mail or telephone will be valid from the moment of having paid the prepay invoice (50% of the total booking price). A booking can be cancelled by email until 21 days before the start of the visit; then the guesthouse of Urikivi pays the whole prepaid sum back. 
  • In case of special offers the booking is valid from the moment of the full payment.

The guest house of Urikivi, the hamlet of Orjaku, Hiiumaa municipality, postal code: 92114

Bank account EE272200001103955640 Swedbank, Signe Leidt